Anyone ever have those days when you do something so stupid you feel like you should either be put down or quarantined for life? I had a crummy day yesterday. Then, to make myself feel even better I rummaged though my brain coming up with all my many asshat moments to compare with the events of yesterday to see which was worse. I didn’t want to do that, my brain just runs off without me sometimes. While I was wincing with loathing and embarrassment, I did at least realize that there does seem to be an upward trend. I do seem to be learning somewhat from prior bad acts, and the most recent stupidities aren’t nearly as stupid as they might have once been. At least I’m not repeating the same stuff, I’m being varied in my stupidity. Maybe in this lifetime I’ll manage to learn some things, and not actually be reincarnated as a cockroach.

So today, my Daily Dharma was most refreshing and appropriate. I give you:

The Power of Failure

Everybody, even the best of us, will sometimes behave ingloriously, and to think otherwise is to be hemmed in by vanity. As sad sinners wandering through samsara, one of the few things we can count on is that we are on occasion going to screw up miserably. For those of us who are exceptionally reliable in this regard, it is nothing less than a saving grace, is it not, that in our guise as bodhisattvas, falling down on the job is the biggest part of the job, and sometimes, somehow, failure, if allowed to do its work, can actually be surprisingly emancipatory. It can even help make us whole. We have to try to be better—wiser, kinder, more generous—people, but mostly there’s no getting away from our embarrassing, maddening, harebrained selves.

Andrew Cooper, “The Debacle”

Wishing you all a very merry weekend….