Okay, so I’m hooked up to the monitors, the room is predawn dark and we’re just sitting there in silence staring at each other. He sends a couple of mass texts, since we live nowhere near any family. No way anyone would make it or even could make it. We didn’t have any plans for anyone else to be there with us anyway, hadn’t thought that far ahead. We both try to get some sleep, though of course it doesn’t work. Around 6am, a friend of ours in town walks into the room and says “Hi” like we knew he was coming. He just chatted his way past the nurses and wandered right in. I’d had a shot of Stadol by then and later thought I’d hallucinated him. He’d got D’s text and headed right to the hospital because he didn’t want us to wait alone. He’s the kind of friend who lights everything up by just being there, the kind of person who wouldn’t think twice about doing something like that. I want to grow up to be like him someday.

So nothing is happening, contractions aren’t regular and the nurses are waiting on the doc to round and see what he says. Here’s where the time line starts to get hazy. The doc on call for my OB group comes in and says he wants a specialist to look at me (big surprise). The staff maternal/fetal medicine doc sends his nurse practitioner to see me, she wants to consult with him since I’m only 35w3d. She said something about giving me something to stop the labor and something about staying here for about two weeks, then she left. D and I looked at each other, he went after her to clarify what she’d just said. I can only think that she didn’t realize that my water had broken. Barn door’s open, darlin’. No going back now. Finally the MFM doc himself came in and said imperiously that we won’t be stopping this labor. (Um, even I pretty much knew you couldn’t at this point. But thanks for stopping by.) Then he said that we’d be starting pitocin since my contractions aren’t regular and in comes my nurse to hang it on my IV pole along with God knows what else is already up there. This is about 9am. They started with a very low amount of the pitocin to see what I’d do. I didn’t want to seem like a drug junkie, so I figured I’d ask for pain meds the next time she came in. Problem is, she didn’t come in until about 11:30. D and our friend had gone to get food and some stuff from our house and I kept thinking I shouldn’t ask for pain meds yet, it’s too early, what if it REALLY hurts later. So she finally comes in and I’m a mess. I practically crawl onto her head, begging for pain meds. She figures we should go ahead and call anesthesia to do my epidural. I wholeheartedly agree. The problem is, after one of them comes in to do it, they won’t place one for at least 12 hours after any anticoagulant therapy. Forget that I’m on such a low damn dose. Forget that in one fucking hour it’ll be 12 hours. Give a sister a break, man. So again, I do the logical thing and start crying. Messily. I believe I’ve stated before that I don’t cry pretty. We’re talking blotches and snot. Thirty minutes later they’re giving me the epidural, and it doesn’t work. They’ve managed to numb my upper half instead of my lower half. Only I don’t quite realize what’s happened, I just think it’s taking a long time to take effect. I even ask the nurse if I can go use the bathroom (thinking it would alleviate some of the pain) She positions herself next to the bed to help me up, obviously thinking I won’t be able to move. Not only can I move, I scuttled to the bathroom so fast (in between contractions) she almost couldn’t catch up with me. I hear her saying to another nurse, “Yeah, that’s it. Enough. Get them back in here. Totally not working.” So, they send another nice lady in to re-position the line, still didnt’ work. So they completely re-do it, with me helpfully telling them when a contraction’s coming (like they can’t see the monitors). I was told later, that they barely gave me any pitocin at all, I just went into labor on my own. Yay me.