She’s okay. We’re all okay – she came a month early, and she’s a tough little nut. Long post brewing. Of course, the house is torn completely up – we’re installing hardwood floors (half done – we thought we had a bit more time you see) she had nothing here but baby wipes and diapers that are too big for her. We didn’t even have a place to put her down when we came home. Enter my mother bearing a car full of gifts, donations, new purchases – things work out, don’t they? Even in the bleakest of times, eventually they work out. She’s well taken care of.

The whole story is coming. Parts hilarious in retrospect, for instance – me holding amniotic fluid-soaked panties and refusing to go to the hospital because I hadn’t done laundry (that was my last pair of panties) and two screwed up epidurals. But of course, no time to post properly at the moment.

She weighed 5.3lb, 19″long, head full of hair. I was every inch the basket case I thought I’d be. She flunked out of NICU after a couple of hours, spent the next 14 in an isolette and then we got her. The emotions are overwhelming. We haven’t uploaded any of the pics (of which there are legion) yet, but I’ll post them the first chance I get.

Oh, my God. I watch her breathe and sleep and eat and words fail – I know how lucky I am. She’s beautiful and I can’t quite believe she’s here. Much less that she’s mine……