Thinking in bullet points today, will share what I’ve learned:

– when trying to decide on food to freeze for future dining pleasure, I suddenly can’t think of anything I like to eat. Why is that?
– I think I’ve figured out what Braxton Hicks contractions are, and I don’t particularly enjoy them. Not sure if dehydration or activity is causing them, perhaps I’ll get something to drink and put my feet up while I ponder that.
– Nobody warns you about how itchy you are while gestating. My skin has never been so sensitive, I would change the sheets on the bed every day if not for the laundry factor. I have my laziness to maintain, thank you. Screw lotion, went straight to Neutrogena body oil, helps dramatically. And I still have to slather twice a day. And I’m normally a greaseball. But I digress..
– I was talking to a very good friend of mine (didja ever notice how close the word “friend” is to “fried”? I’m just saying) yesterday. I mentioned that I’m thinking more about having used donor eggs now than ever, that I’ll probably be much better after she gets here, not sure why it’s lurking at the periphery now. And at times, I am still feeling a bit resentful that I couldn’t use my own damn eggs. She said, “Give me a break. You cook, you know better than anyone else that just having good ingredients doesn’t mean shit. It takes more than that to make something special”. And I thank you for the reality check one more time, my friend. I needed to hear that…..
– it snowed 4 inches here overnight, more than enough to immobilize this southern town. I’m not leaving the house. Had all these plans to get some things done, I may just change the sheets on my bed and get right back into it.

And now, I’m off to throw my dogs outside and see how they do in all that snow. Then I’m going to enjoy my low-key snow day….. Looking like one of the better Monday’s I’ve had in a while!

Peace, y’all!