It’s me. Nothing really interesting to report, I can’t even make anything up. I’m just that unimaginative. Still pg, still on track, things seem normal and healthy. Still taking heparin shots, and as of the doctor’s appointment yesterday I’ll be adding Prevacid to the mix as well, since I hadn’t gained any weight and my urine had the consistency of syrup. I might as well have been shoving Tums up my hooch for all the good they were doing. Pepsid worked (sort of) occasionally, but liquid of any form was very, very bad. Which is not a good scene if you’re trying to stay hydrated. Here’s to feeling better sooner rather than later..

The rat is very active, in fact Monday she kicked me in the guts so strategically that I had to go find a restroom. Immediately. She literally kicked the sh*t out of me. That was interesting. And apparently liberating – she seems to enjoy rolling around quite a bit more with a clear playing field. You’d think we could work together a little better to keep it that way….

I have a horrible cold. But I can take Zyrtec D, so I don’t feel quite as corpse-like as I did, I’ve graduated to just sort of semi-undead. I’m safe enough to drive (as safe as anyone else is around here), but the brain still isn’t completely touching the spinal cord.

And that’s about it. Hopefully I’ll have something more entertaining/interesting to post next time…just mostly feeling quiet. And snotty.

And in case I don’t get my sorry butt back on here in time, Happy Holidays, to everyone! Have some leaded Egg Nog for me!