It’s a girl. A little, wadded-up sucking-on-her-toes girl. Heart rate was 154, weighs @ 12 oz, anatomical scan was normal. Looks like D doesn’t get to groom his future Eagle Scout. He was very quick to chime in with “There’s Girl Scouts…..” And that’s why I married the man.

This is the first time he’s let me see any real excitement. He hasn’t wanted me to feel bad if anything goes wrong. Today I felt like we were a (semi) normal couple for the first time in a very long time. However we got to this point, however this child was conceived, didn’t matter in the least. That we are able (and lucky enough) to experience this is worth more than I can put into words. Regrets/misgivings about having used donor eggs are definitely not surfacing here. Not to say that they won’t somewhere, but not yet.

I didn’t actually cry during the scan (though I came very close). It honestly takes a lot for me to cry in front of anyone, really, much less strangers (having grown up in a family where the motto was “never let ’em see you sweat”). So when I burst loudly into tears about my last 2 PIO shots (D was giving them to me by this point – I’d mangled my own butt, you see), D immediately said “Screw it – your progesterone was in the 70’s anyway. Here’s an ice cream sandwich” which I snuffled gratefully over while sitting with a heating pad on my knotty butt. Fun times, man…… God, I hated those shots this time around.

Anyway, that’s all the news I have for now. We’re thrilled, couldn’t be more so. Unless we suddenly win the lottery. We’re pleased, even if we will need an exorcist or two for the teenage years. Oh, wait, we may not. Honestly, my first thought upon finding out that it’s a girl was “OMG, I’m screwed – wait a minute, not my genes. There’s hope!!” So, I’d say the donor egg thing has so far come in handy. 🙂