A friend sent me this article, and it’s a very good one. Very interesting, I thought. It pertains to vaccinations and parents’ reluctance to have their children immunized, and it’s all anyone’s talking about lately at my hospital of employment. So without further ado, here’s the link:


Sorry, you’ll have to cut and paste, can’t get the bloody links to work today. Have a read, and then let’s have a round of applause for informed decisions.

So, let’s get back to me. 🙂

Not that I have anything much to say. Oh wait, the repeat Hep B test was negative so – that’s good. The gender scan is coming up (almost 20 w – rather excited about that) and none of my pants fit (not so much excited by this). So I do what anyone who likes to breathe does, and go and buy a couple pairs of maternity pants.

Why was I resisting these things again?

If I’d known how comfy they were, I’d have picked some up years ago, I tell you.

Ummm, went back to see the RE and almost got yelled at for not taking my calcium supplements (an even bigger no-no while on heparin) until he figured out how many Tums I’m taking. Then I got dismissed until the 30w visit with a bored wave of his hand. Seems 10-12 of them per day is pur-lenty of calcium…but it completely fixes the heartburn. Which I can get after drinking water, but don’t get after a cheese sandwich stuffed with Lay’s potato chips and jalapenos. Go figure.

Let’s see, what else….. I might be feeling the baby move. Very strange sensation and very, very cool. I can’t feel single specific movements, but it is perhaps a clue when your uterus becomes lopsided and then smooths itself back out (I know, I’m a genius). Just as long as nothing suddenly bursts out of my chest, I can completely roll with this.

D snores. A lot. I never noticed before because I always go to sleep before him. Not so much now. The unforseen naps during the day and nightly pee trips have opened my eyes to this phenomenon. And oh, my God.

I may have to kill him. How do people live with this, and stay married/in the same room?

Maybe if I tape his mouth shut….. Or perhaps that’s just my hormones talking…. 🙂