Of course, it was negative a month ago – so it’s probably (better be) a glitch of some kind. Quest Diagnostics also mentioned that it’s possible that someone who’s been immunized for Hep B (I’m a health care worker) and in the first trimester can have a false positive reaction. Although my OB said she’s never actually seen a case of that (great).

So I’m going to assume it’s a mistake and not worry about it. Because if it’s not a false positive, I’m going to kill D (but to be fair he’s also threatened me), or I’ll sue the absolute hell out of someone. Surely even my luck’s not quite that bad…. :-/

Everything else seems fine. Fetal heart tones in the 160’s, weight gain not worth getting yelled at apparently (I think I’ve gained about 5 lbs but their scale seemed to be going up higher than that – I didn’t ask, please pass the Skittles), I see the RE again at 20 and then 30 wks (why I don’t know, but I’m guessing it’s something to do with the heparin) and I find out the baby’s sex on 11/10. I figure I’ve come this far with science, why stop now?

So I’ll hopefully find out the results of the redrawn blood work by tomorrow or early next week. And that’s…that’s about it. Pretty boring overall, minus the infectious disease scare.

Oh, and I’m going to go see Paranormal Activity this weekend. I’ll tell y’all how it is!