Yeah, I’m not going to baby websites anymore. They’re overwhelming and scary. I’ve not been able to bring myself to go down baby aisles in stores, the web is close enough for comfort (or so I thought).

My kid’s gonna be wearing a towel and playing with dog toys. Is that so wrong? What’s wrong with simplicity??

It’s just too soon for me to process that aspect of things. I’m barely getting comfy looking at maternity clothes, and I certainly haven’t tried any on yet. I don’t need them yet, my wardrobe was pretty much on the comfy side to start with. But I am getting to the point where some things fit and others don’t, for various problems in various hemispheres. For the moment, I’m still reasonably comfortable in the clothes I still have, but I need to start looking around for some new essentials (read: BRAS). I’ll actually be 15 weeks this Friday (give or take a day), and I still don’t feel good saying any definites. Like “when the baby comes” or “when we get nursery furniture” or “when I take maternity leave”. I still pause, look over my shoulder, and finally decide that’s the only way to really address the situation. Still haven’t made a pregnancy announcement. I found out that some other couples in our immediate circle of friends are on the brink of the journey into infertility hell. When it comes out that I’m pregnant, fine. But I’m not going to stand up and make an announcement. I just can’t.

I’m doing okay, more or less. I don’t feel particularly good, but it could always be worse (definitely not complaining, here). Exercise hasn’t been happening (ever try yoga with an upset stomach?), and I have random stabbing achy pains in my guts, but no bleeding. Hopefully in the next couple of weeks I’ll start walking and I won’t feel as crappy. Maybe just mildly crappy. I can work with that. 🙂

And on an adorable note, you gotta take a look at this:

Next doctor’s appointment 10/13; I’ll letcha know if anything interesting happens….