Okay, here’s a question. I’m having all kinds of cramping, happening since the transfer, really. No bleeding, but cramps sometimes approaching levels of regular menstrual discomfort (which was always pretty bad). They usually go away if I can lay flat on my back and put my feet up.


What is freaking me out is that this feels exactly like the beginnings of a miscarriage. Deep, low, throbbing cramps. But I’ve had no bleeding. Last time, I had plenty of that. Three episodes in fact, each one worse than the one before. I’ve been told that the cramps/pain could be due to endometrial tissue being stretched out. Sounds as good as anything else, I guess. And so far ultrasounds have been fine, and I think I’d have figured out an ectopic by now (being reasonably intelligent, thank you). So I’ve been consoling myself with no blood = no worries. I don’t have any sort of reference for normal pg discomfort vs impending doom, seeing as I’m much more familiar with the latter. Anyone out there with endo have the same symptoms? Anyone without endo, for that matter?