Still here. Not much to say, no drama to report. Last u/s showed the rat (as we’re affectionately calling it ) measuring 7w5d (right on target), HR 170. So far so good. Starting to taper off on the hormones (praise Jesus) and still dragging ass in a big way. The house looks like a bomb went off, quite disgusting. All I can do is flop on the heating pad and not care for the moment. I’m still reading and occasionally commenting, but basically I’m a lousy blogger at the moment. I’m lousy at lots of things right now, to be honest. But I hope everyone’s doing well, or at least has minimal drama…..

And now, off to get coffee. I have to get my face off my desk somehow… :-/

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Where Fear Ends

Fear is finding fault with the future. If only we could keep in mind how uncertain our future is, then we would never try to predict what could go wrong. Fear ends right there.

Damn. I wish it were that easy…