So, D and I went to look for some furniture on Sunday (place @ 2 hrs away with great prices), he decided he didn’t like what we went after and (of course) we didn’t find anything else we liked. Priced 8 different bedroom suites, but (also of course) none were in the store for our viewing pleasure. We were just digging through catalogs. We could have done that online and saved ourselves the trip. And of course they were all at least twice what we were planning on paying. Sorta defeated the purpose of driving around after bargains, no?

We finally get home (after stopping at a convenience store and consuming an entire can of Pringles in the car on the way) and we have a message. Guess who.

My RE had been on vacation for the last 1.5 weeks, said he was still getting caught up on all his phone calls. He went over all my medication, lab results, blood work results (including the HCG’s), the embryo quality of those transferred and those frozen (which he exclaimed was “just the icing on the cake!”) – sort of a little mini-medical history, neatly summarizing the last – God – 3 months. It was sort of surreal. And he truly sounded pleased – no projecting on my part, I haven’t physically seen the guy in almost a year. Except for a passing nod in the local Lowe’s – that was a startling encounter. It’s always weird to me to realize that my physicians actually have arms and legs and don’t necessarily wear those white coats everywhere. I just really like the guy, he makes me feel warm and fuzzy and taken care of.

As far as a progress report goes, everything still seems to be on track. And of course I say it like that because I still expect to be derailed at any moment.

I’m going to start walking tonight, I think. I’ve hesitated to initiate a solid exercise program at this point because I feel pretty crampy – pushing ahead with exercise tends to exacerbate it (all together now – “then don’t do that”!). Before I was pg, between having endometriosis and ovarian cysts, I would at times end up spotting pretty heavily after even moderate exercise – just depended on the day. Sometimes running a 5k wouldn’t phase me and sometimes walking to the mailbox was a chore. Which is why I gave up running – couldn’t maintain consistency. And struggling over the same distances without any real improvement got old. Okay, so there’s the pity party for the week. Still pg, still crampy (though not as bad as last cycle) and still scared to move. Some things don’t change easily, do they?

Update on the couch potato status later – I’ll let you know if I actually got off my butt or sprouted roots.