Oops, forgot to post the second beta – 156. Means I’m still in the game, I guess.

Butt’s better, bruises are almost gone from the heparin injections (finally got the hang of all this), still feel like nothing’s physically going on. And if the universe is paying the kind of attention to me that it usually does, I’ll now proceed to contract swine flu or something worse. Excuse me, H1N1. Let’s give the little piggies a break, shall we?

The 6-wk ultrasound is scheduled for 8/11, and then I get to talk to the RE afterwards. I’m on the verge of buying more peesticks to last until then because apparently I don’t really feel like anything’s going on unless I’m being poked or prodded or otherwise medically invaded.

And I’m very, very uncomfortable with all this – again. The p-word, feeling like I’m sitting at the wrong table, can’t fathom making plans past…..well, today. So, I’ll just wander along as best I can. There’s a dinner party this weekend with people who I don’t plan on telling any time soon, but if I’m outed somehow I’ll just say it. I don’t exactly know how I’ll say it, and I’ll probably be mad at first, but it really isn’t that big a deal if you step back a bit. Much easier said than done, as we all know. One of the things I’m dreading the most is calling the damn daycare – again. Why do I have such angst over that? But I can’t exactly put it off, gotta have someplace to eventually put the rat (if it actually shows up this time).

Ack. Too much thinking on a Monday. Hope everything’s going well with the rest of you…..