K. It’s official. HCG = 56. There appears to be something in there (is it weird that I’m a little freaked out by that?). I almost added “for now” at the tail end of that sentence and stopped myself. Why be pessimistic if I don’t have to? I’ve been stomped on before, I know how to handle it and I’ve managed to make it this far in spite of the universe shitting on my head. Continuously, I might add. I’m running through the Tricycle quotes I’ve posted, and they’re actually proving quite helpful (helped squelch a couple of panic attacks already). At this point, right now, today – I feel mostly good (back hurts a bit, gotta start doing yoga again), comfy in my skin, I can look people in the eye and smile and mean it. That’s a good start for any day, in my book.

Beta #2 Saturday morning. Until then, I am a leaf on the wind*……

* – a quote from one of my favorite movies, “Serenity”. I still miss “Firefly” (tv show it was based on). Damn you Sci-Fi, or Scyfy or whatever the hell you call yourself these days….