Ah, the 2ww. How I’ve missed you. I forgot just how much fun this was last time! And the PIO shots, just as hideous as ever (thanks for the extra stuff, Dora!!). Having some trouble getting in the groove again, so my butt is way unhappy. Ice, shot, heat, complain. Lather, rinse, repeat. D walked by one morning on his way to the shower and pinched my butt while I was brushing my teeth, I whirled around almost slugged him. Still had the toothbrush hanging out of my mouth. Poor stupid man….. eventually he does learn, but so slowly.

IVF embryo transfer is really pretty anticlimactic. Really. It’s a lot like getting a pap smear except you have to wear a hair net, and there’s a little bit more equipment in the room. Transferred 2 embryos, froze 3. The valium must have hit me like a ton of bricks because during the transfer, the RE asked me if I was cramping. I thought he asked if I was crapping (and thought of Peeveme’s story about crapping herself at work). I promptly burst out laughing, during the transfer mind you, and almost couldn’t shut up. I saw his face, from mid-mask up peeking worriedly at me from between my legs and almost said “I’d think you’d know even better than me at this point, don’t you?” Then I realized the misunderstanding, realized there’s no way to explain the howling laughter gracefully and decided to just shut up. D patted my head and said, “that’s my little stoner.”

Three days on the couch passed slowly and yet quickly – I don’t feel anything yet. Didn’t last time either. The PIO made my boobs a little sore last time, but just barely. When I found out I was actually pregnant after the last IVF the only symptom I had was mild heartburn. So far nothing’s going on, but I’m not looking too hard. I haven’t decided yet if I’ll POAS, but I’ve got a few handy in case the mood strikes me. The embryologist called with the final freeze report and said that there was no reason not to expect a positive pg test 7/23, and after I recoiled from the phone I thanked her very much. Screw it – it won’t jinx anything, it’s really out of my hands now. Her being optimistic won’t affect anything besides my mood. Screw off, universe. I ain’t yo plaything anymore.

Rawr…. šŸ™‚