Hee. They yawned after the tests. One PVC on the treadmill test, no comment on the echo, but I can’t imagine it showed anything. Hematologist said (after waiting for 4 fucking hours on the guy – but I couldn’t leave, they’d left a cath in my arm for the 25 more tubes of blood they knew he’d order) he wouldn’t put me on blood thinners unless I’d had an event, too high of a risk vs reward. So if the IVF works, he’d want to see me again afterward but only to check up and see how the labs are. And he wanted to make sure someone checked my CBC at least once a month (preferably every two weeks) while on heparin. That’s it. The donor starts her stims today, somehow the lab she’s using managed to forget to draw a test (which was negative in April, but the FDA says they have to do it again) so I’m not worried about it. My clinic can’t get anything but a verbal on the cardiology report, and haven’t managed to get that out of them yet. So they’re going on my word, pretty much. I’m not worried about it. Worst case they freeze the embies.

Looks like I need to start trying to write a letter to my donor. Jesus, I don’t know where to start….

Off to have large amounts of coffee since nobody told me to even cut down!! Anyone wanna join me in a grande-something?