Treadmill test and ECHO on Wednesday afternoon, Hematologist Wednesday morning. Woohoo!!

The cardiologist didn’t exactly yawn, but wasn’t overly concerned either. He told me he’d send Wednesday’s test results directly to my RE to avoid the lag time of sending it to my GP first, yadayada. I told him I hadn’t told my RE anything yet and he said kindly but directly, “Looks like you need to call them, huh?”. Which I did. Left my message and my nurse had called me back almost before I’d finished speaking. No kidding, it was that fast. So, they’ll be watching for my results. Oh, yes…..

And honestly one of the first questions the cardiologist had (after “how did you get here, again?”) was “who’s your hematologist?” So I’m feeling pretty good about that appointment. That should be interesting. But it shouldn’t hold anything up, as I’m already on the heparin shots anyway. That doc’s for post management. So I’m over halfway to being in the clear medically, I believe.

My clinic also called to holler about payment (the more concrete half of being cleared), and I finally got to yell back at them. Not really yell, but fuss. It’d been so long since I made my last payment for the first donor who fell through that they couldn’t find it on their books, they had to go digging for it. It was, after all, September of last year…. they found it, credited it, adjusted the amount they were yelling about to something substantially less, and I agreed to show up tomorrow (in between doctor’s appointments) and cough it up. Cue feeling of accomplishment…..

Thank you all for the well-wishes and support – it’s been rough. I can’t convey how much it means… 🙂

Stay tuned! More drama to come, I’m sure – this is me we’re talking about, after all!