First off, a funny. I’m getting bunches of hits for “PVC’s in anticipation of flying”. Somehow, I don’t think this is quite what they’re looking for…… 🙂

And for another tidbit from Tricycle, I give you:

The Metamorphosis of Wisdom

Wisdom is that which makes a vessel into a teacup when it is filled with tea, a sauce dish when it is filled with sauce, a rice bowl when it is filled with rice, and a medicine pot when it is filled with medicine. There is no set method in the functioning of this wisdom. It is simply that which knows how to utilize things according to the case at hand.


You know I had to sit in the doc’s office a long time yesterday ’cause I typed that whole post from my phone. So, my appointment with the cardiologist is 6/22, hematology appointment is forthcoming. And I’m not calling my RE until I have something to tell him. He knew all this crap a year ago and wasn’t fazed. My GP doesn’t see IVFers much, if at all. But he does see a lot of cardiac issues…(welcome to the South..:-/). Worse case scenario, we freeze the embryos for future use. I’d rather not, but I’ll do what I need to. And if it ends up that this whole thing is a horrible train wreck, well then. I guess that decision will be made for me.


Here’s hoping for a boring cardio consult, and a large martini afterward!