So, after thinking long and hard, talking to a couple of critical care nurses and physicians and considering the fact that my heart has not done one single interesting thing since I took that monitor off (besides beat normally) I’m not telling them. And I may not even go to the cardiologist. All right, now I’m just lying – of course I’ll go, even if I don’t want to. Why on earth wouldn’t I want to go? I just love going to see doctors, they’re just so cuddly.

But now there’s another thing I have some questions about. When I was diagnosed with all the hypercoagulable stuff last year, my RE put me on low-dose aspirin and Folguard (B6, B12 and Folate supplement) for life. So, I’m at the OB’s office getting my bloodwork, pap smear and cultures out of the way for the upcoming IVF (can you believe they put me in the same room as the one last year when I was miscarrying? That was fun). I didn’t see my normal OB, she was too booked and I just needed to get it done. He was nice enough, and I was giving him an overview of past events and he asked why I wasn’t already on Coumadin or Heparin. I told him I’m not really sure, and he informed me that if I’d seen a hematologist, with my risk factors they’d definitely put me on blood thinners. But, he said with a shrug, some doctors are just a bit more conservative.

WTF??!! My ability to laugh instead of scream is getting pushed to the limit, here. I’m going to have to go see my headshrinker….

So when I go see my GP (who’s trying to send me to the cardiologist) next Tuesday, I’m going to ask him about this and will most likely also end up with a referral to a hematologist. That one I’ll follow up on immediately.

At least my GP is actually cuddly, kind of looks like a Precious Moments figurine. And he’s funny and snarky – why is it I enjoy smart-asses so much?

Okay, enough for the update, I gotta get to work. I start Lupron on Saturday, and I’m actually looking forward to it. My insides feel better when I’m on it – but I don’t remember how it affects me emotionally. I’ll update y’all from my cell phone in case I get sent to the big house for attacking a cardiologist.