Everything is still up in the air, and when it all finally comes down I hope it doesn’t all land on my head. That’s all I’m saying. I wore a Holter monitor for 24 hours last week (lots of little weird fluttery episodes), turned it back in for analysis and was told it’ll be 2 weeks before it’s read. I’m glad they’re not worried or anything. So, I really don’t have anything to tell my clinic at this point anyway, no need in setting off the shitstorm (and I’m afraid that’s completely the right word, Roni! ) if I can’t even give them any information. But I haven’t noticed any further episodes either. Maybe I just really can’t stand being on vacation, or someone was poisoning me. Either way, it doesn’t seem to be happening now. So…..that’s good.

Second thing is that the donor started her cycle Sunday morning, and is on BC until the event. Is that right? I don’t remember how any of this goes. I guess I figure it’ll happen, and I just don’t feel like getting all worked up about it. I’m supposed to get a call this afternoon with my tentative schedule and medication list. That’s the call that makes it all real to me. So I shall continue to lump along until I get it.

And then I shall freak out. Hopefully in a good way. 🙂

For the third thing, I was kicking around in my backyard Sunday (in between bouts of rain) and saw that there was a little hydrangea where I couldn’t immediately recall one being before. Then I remembered. This plant was dead, I tell you. D-E-A-D. No more. Not sleeping, not resting, but dry, stick-snapping dead. We’d planted it, took gentle care of it and then went on vacation and the weather skyrocketed into the triple digits while we were gone. It just didn’t have the root system to support itself. Which is sort of what happened with my miscarriage, you see. Not the double digit temps or the going off and leaving it. But the placenta couldn’t exactly develop with all that clotting going on. And that’s where the hydrangea came from. We planted it in memory of that child. And then the plant died too. And then I died again all over again. I’ve not gone near that section of the yard since. And yet there it was, taking care of business. On the day I got the call about our donor who hasn’t bailed on us, and now I truly believe she won’t. Talk about symbolism, huh?

Anyway. All in all, it was a pretty good weekend.