And my question right back was, Are you f*cking kidding me? I’m Southern, I can tell a catfish from 50 paces, alive or dead thank you very much. A catfish is pretty unique looking, not likely to be mistaken for anything else. Especially when it’s big old ugly self has been washed up on the beach and is being very, very still.

Oh, yes. Catfish on the beach. Can you live? Who knew they liked salt water? The biggest problem was that the salt water didn’t like them back. But the critters IN the salt water liked the dead catfish very, very much. There were catfish heads and bits and stuff strewn all over that beach. There were some beach reconstruction projects going on, and a few culverts had been dug (don’t know why). The catfish were getting from their nice safe river into the culverts and from there right out into the ocean. Yuck. But we still had fun (just didn’t have a lot of it on the beach). A good vacation was had by all. New Orleans was fun (deserves a longer trip – must eat more next time!), we all took turns cooking and cleaning up, and played Munchkin almost every night.

And now I’m back at work. Back to the rat race. I have my regular OB appointment tomorrow for my annual pap smear, and to get all of the blood work and cultures out of the way for the upcoming cycle. I also have a GP appointment to check out what the hell is going on with my heart (skipping beats, inventing it’s own beat – started on vacation, of course). Kind of scary. It’s as if something’s knocking to get out, but politely. Could be stress, could be more. Getting all my tires kicked tomorrow, just to make sure. So now I’m going to check in on some patients and grab a coffee while I still can.

Can you take beta blockers and go through IVF? I don’t have a clue how this will go, but I’m a bit worried….all assvice welcome…