So, the donor started her cycle last Tuesday as did I. Is that just freakish or what? I’m taking it as a good sign. On Sunday I started BCP’s and the donor started Clomid. So, I should know in a few days if it’s gonna be “We are a go for launch” or “Houston we have a problem”….and I have to say, I feel very detached and grumpy. I’m not a bit excited at this point at all. Show me the money, man. I’m interested to see how this week goes, what will shake out. But at this point, saying I’m optimistic and feeling it are on opposite sides of a very large chasm. I’m just trying to get through the day, you know?

Going on vacation in 2 weeks, to Gulfport. Side trip to New Orleans (voodoo tour/graveyard tour here I come), hanging on the beach, cooking fresh seafood, spending time with two other couples in a big house. Should be a good time for all.

Aaaaaaaaand, that’s kind of it. Still not much to say yet. Just keeping my head above water.