I heard the funniest story last night on NPR. A woman has put together a book of “mother moments” – those not so shiny times you think nobody has except for you. Even the cool, collected polished people can show up to work with their shirts on inside-out or a dryer sheet stuck to their pants, as we all know. This woman was sharing what she considered her biggest failing moment as a mother. She had 3 kids, all under 5 years of age. The oldest one got sick, puked all over the place. The exhausted woman retrieved her child from the puddles of vomit, cleaned him up and stuck him in her bed. Then she went back downstairs and shut the dog up in the room, hoping he’d eat it.

If I ever have kids, I will completely do this. In fact, I do it now. If one of my dogs gets sick, I wait a good 30 minutes before going after it because if I wait long enough, they clean it up themselves. Is this laziness? Or genius?

I guess it depends on how much you like cleaning up barf.

Anyone got any mommy moments they’d like to share? All stories welcome, the yuckier the better!