That’s one of my favorite parts from “Finding Nemo”, a movie I get stuck in every time it’s on (like Fried Green Tomatoes and Aliens, but only the first two) – when Dory’s cheering up Nemo’s dad. I don’t really have anything interesting to say, maybe I just feel like typing. I’ve reached a nice little eddy in the medical mire and I’m hanging right here until I have to move. I’m still swimming, just needed a bit of a break.

D’s birthday party last weekend was really, really fun. Very laid back, lots of food, music and a good time was had by all. And this weekend, my sister and my nephews (age 10.5 and 13) are coming to visit. It’s the beginning of their spring break, and they want to come play video games. Big gamers, those boys. And very sweet, smart and funny. My sister told me that they picked coming to visit us over skiing and the beach (!!). I KNOW – I’m so flattered I could die. For the last couple of years we’ve been bringing games home at Christmas and getting together with them to play Halo or Rock Band. They play with their friends, and probably think it’s a bit odd that there are adults out there who do this stuff. But apparently, we’re not too crazy to come visit. They’ve never been to visit us. Neither has my sister. This is a first in lots of ways. My sister and I aren’t close – I like her fine now, just didn’t get along growing up and there was no connection to keep us together as adults. Call each other a couple of times a year, maybe. Until we started the infertility roller coaster. Once I finally reached out to my family…I’m sort of ashamed to say I was surprised. I’ve been lucky that they’re so supportive, even with the donor egg situation. I don’t know what I expected – but not the safety net I found. I feel very lucky. And I’m a bit nervous about this weekend. But excited – we’ll have fun. The boys are not one bit interested in doing anything else – no sightseeing, no movies, no zoos, nothing. They want to play Xbox/PS3 games, and they want to play with us (totally warms my black little heart). They have their games they want to show us, and they want to play things online with us. They only have a dial-up connection at home, my BIL’s attempt to censor them as much as possible. One of my nephew’s friends even calls him “Amish”. No texting even. It’s just a matter of time until my sister and BIL have a full-scale tech revolt on their hands, I think. I’m sure we’re not helping things!

They have requested to sleep on the air mattress downstairs or on the couch. I’m not sure they’ll even bathe. I don’t care. I’m just happy they’ll all be here. Maybe I won’t bathe either…..

We have even planned a vacation. For the second week of May. That may fall right on or around retrieval. And I don’t care. You can only plan so much for these procedures, and I’ve put things off and had things fall through too many times. I made a plan, and I’m sticking to it. We’ll deal with things as they comes up. And in the meantime, we’ll live our lives. So there, Universe.

Fuck you.