Drumroll please…….

The backup’s backup to the initial backup donor has accepted the cycle (anyone else confused besides me?). They’re sending out contracts today, contacting my clinic (I can’t even remember their phone number off the top of my head anymore) and generally getting things started. Hopeful is probably the wrong word, but I am feeling pretty good about things – that’s a start right? Things have been busy lately, at home and work, and that’s a good thing – less time for me to marinate. I don’t feel like doing any of it, but I’m making myself get out and about as much as I can. Pretty much all I can do at this point.


My dog purred last night. I’m not lying. Weirdest thing I’ve ever heard. She bunched up, arched her neck (I actually thought she was either going to puke or bark really loudly at first) and then threw her head back and let out this long, soft rumble. The closest thing to describe it is a purr. Why did she do this, you ask? Because D was sitting in the floor at the coffee table eating a steak chalupa. Once he realized she wasn’t going to vomit on him, he was a bit more willing to share. Couldn’t get her to do it again, though. We’ll have to bribe her with another chalupa….

I’ve also recently met a Pomeranian who sneezes for cheese, I shit you not.

What tricks do your pets do for food?