For future reference, people should never underestimate the restorative power of sushi and sake. In large amounts. Then add one measure Miles Davis, a large extended cuddle or two (with the puppies and then the spouse), a massive, snotty soul-cleansing cry in the shower and then sleeping the sake-drenched sleep of the dead. It was all worth the hangover lurking at the edges today. I’m looking into a Krav Maga class, for a way of dealing on the less alcoholic front, and I have a couple of friends looking for someone to play guitar/sing with them. We’re all new at this sort of thing – I’ve never really had peeps to jam with, so this is going to be interesting/horrific. I may get voted off the island immediately, but I’m looking forward to it. I don’t even know what they play, and I don’t really care.

Hooray for diversions, wherever they come from these days.

How do y’all unplug when the going gets ridiculously shitty?