Oh, cool. I got tagged!! I usually just get tagged in bad, insincere ways (like getting a speeding ticket, or to be put on the spot in general). This is the good kind of tagged!!

Got tagged by Barren Is The New Black. The rules are:

1. Link to the person who tagged you.
2. Share 7 random and/or weird facts about you.
3. Tag 7 random people at the end, and include links to their blogs.

So. Here goes weird!

1. I love eating with chopsticks. Love it. My BFF from school was Asian. She’d invite me for dinner with her mom and they’d never have anything Asian; one time it was pop-tarts and ramen noodles. I eventually got so good with them I could even eat pizza. You know, by picking the toppings off first, but still. Even now, sometimes I’ll eat pizza with chopsticks. At home. So nobody bugs me about my weirdness.

2. I don’t like sleeping with any of my appendages hanging off the bed. I’m still convinced that something will grab whatever’s hanging over and that will be the end of it, and probably me as well. I blame this directly on Stephen King.

3. I can’t sit still in the doctor’s exam room. The minute they put me in the gown and leave me to my own amusement, I’m picking through the drawers (sometimes moving things around – especially at the RE’s. Petty revenge…..), wandering around with my butt hanging out, messing with the table height, you know. The only time I got caught was by the OB I didn’t like, and I was sitting on his chair zooming/twirling in that tiny little square space between the stirrups and the sink. He was a little put out, I think, and told me coldly to get back up on the table, please. What an ass.

4. My absolute favorite comedy show of all time (I get stuck in it every time it’s on) is Absolutely Fabulous. Patsy and Edwina and Saffy. Squish, Squish, darling. I just love English humor…..

5. I absolutely love my Xbox. Love playing video games, D and I play together quite a bit. In fact, I only got into playing because he was sick of me giving him shit about his gaming. He was desperately looking for something I’d like to play,found it, and now we have to either play together or flip for it. We’re onto Left 4 Dead, because it’s always fun to shoot zombies, and Rock Band. We’re huge in Rekjavick, you know….

6. I play flute, piano and guitar, in that order. Took flute lessons forever, piano lessons until I got sick of them (about 4 years) and guitar lessons until I got sick of them (about 1 year). I love to play, but I don’t have any imagination. I’m a cover band. And with all the IF stuff, the day to day stress has turned me into a channel-flipper, and a song-changer. I just can’t concentrate for long – it (a show or music) has to grab me by the throat within the first few bars/minutes or I’m done. People say, so what do you play? And I can’t even think of anything worthwhile. I don’t even care enough, not inspired enough, to learn a complete song. This is something that is bothering me more and more……

7. I cook some wicked Indian food, but I hate to clean up after myself. Don’t really suffer from mise en place. Even my Indian friends at work say so. If anyone would like to come over for masala dosas and tomato chutney, let me know. The more the merrier!

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