So, I had an u/s today to check on my cysts. My RE wanted to check on it’s progress, see if it’d swallowed my entire abdominal cavity yet, or if it was taking a break from it’s agenda of eventual world domination. I was actually excited, hadn’t been in there in almost 3 months. They had a new u/s machine, and I commented that I liked what they’d done with the place. Points for humor, you know. The nice little tech started with the wand (insert dirty tone), and then she took approximately a week to finish. There’s a learning curve to the new machine, you see, and she couldn’t decide if I had a small fibroid or not. So, she sort of hung out there in the same spot for almost ten minutes, and when she started wanding again, it was a bit uncomfortable. But it was a cakewalk in comparison to, say, and HSG (when I almost crawled off the top of the table, equipment attached and all). So I didn’t complain. You know, my first day back and all – didn’t want to make waves. But it wasn’t, how do you say, a very enjoyable experience. Everything seems to be cool, no cysts, possible small fibroids, but not located anywhere important.

So it begins….