Jesus Christ, I’m not going to make it. The baby talk from the other side of this room is even annoying my non-pg (or even trying) collegues. The closer this woman gets to delivery the worse this is going to get. Now they’re discussing their poor older friends who’ve had to resort to IVF (gasp), and if they’d only not waited so long they wouldn’t be so old and trying to handle babies… they belong to a club that doesn’t allow entrance to anyone over 35, unless you’ve already had a baby. The price of admittance….

This just proves that they have absolutely nothing else to talk about.

Heart in throat, pulse pounding in ears, tingling all over, can’t quite breathe. I was fine 10 minutes ago. Shit, shit, shit.

Clueless, clueless, clueless.

I wish she’d never come back from maternity leave.

Why are people so stupid.