This morning I sent my cycle coordinator a raw, jagged email asking (a bit sharply) what’s going on, because the waiting we’ve been doing recently feels a lot like it did when the last two donors bailed. They say that they’ll call when our donor starts her period and then – nothing but echoes.

I just received an email from the donor agency letting me know that all the legal stuff has cleared.  With a little smiley face, and a very detailed financial page (can’t forget about the cash, now can we?)

The donor started her period.  Today.  They’re contacting my clinic to see if they need to do a Clomid challenge or just have her stay off birth control pills for a month.  I’ll be getting my huge box of goodies to shove into my nether regions soon, and I’m actually looking forward to it.

It’s amazing how exhausting aimless worrying and stress can be. Thank God I’ve now got something specific to worry and stress over!  And how strange that I’m so very, very happy for that fact.  IF sure shows you how to economize stress, doesn’t it?  There’s just not enough to go around to cover all the petty shit.  Without having a complete breakdown, that is.

So, that pretty much means a New Year’s transfer, I’m thinking?  How appropriate……