So I went and voted yesterday, and damn that felt good.  I am so ready for a regime change, I don’t know what to do with myself.  And I’m completely with Tina Fey – if McCain/Palin get elected, I’m just going to have to leave the planet.  Just my opinion, not trying to pick a fight.   And ultimately, we all have to live here (for the time being) so, let’s try to work together shall we?  I’m so sick of nasty politics and speeches and rhetoric and press spins I could just puke. I’m sick of finger pointing and I’m very sick of politicians trying to whip me up into a fear frenzy.   Let’s just get this over with and get down to business.  ‘Cause it seems that we Americans have quite a lot that needs fixin’ right now.

There – I said it.  But, I voted so I get to bitch.  There are a surprising number of people I work with who haven’t voted in YEARS.    I don’t want to condemn anyone, to each their own.  But………if ya don’t vote, ya don’t get to bitch.

And I’d rather not have to leave the planet.  All my stuff is here….. so……. come on, guys.  For me?  Please?