Do I smell bad?  I hope you guys feel free to tell me if you see something hanging out, smeared, smelling funny or trailing along behind me that shouldn’t be there (toilet paper, panties hanging out of a pants leg, you know).  Because I’m becoming seriously paranoid.  I seem to be driving people away, and I’d like to know just what, you know, exactly the problem is…..

The most recent donor is in the process of flaking.  Not returning calls or emails – you know, flaking.

I think I have splinters in my scalp from banging my head against the wall.

Where did all this shitty karma come from?

I promise I can do something besides complain, but I’m not sure anyone could tell it from my posts lately….

How long did it take the people out there who used donors to find them?  A month?  A year?  I think I’m losing perspective, here.