Here’s a taste test, because I’m just not going to tempt fate any more today.   The problem was my browser, not WordPress (apologies, guys)…  who the hell knew it had a mind of it’s own?

This is an old tequila factory (rustic, no?) – we did a zipline canyon tour and finished up a day of hiking and zipping by sampling some tequila (ironically, it’s made by the owner of the zipline tour company).  It’s only one room, pretty much like a small carport.  Needless to say, pouring and distributing tequila shots took longer than the “tour”.   Way good stuff, too.

This was the pool at our resort – SPF 70 kept my see-through self from crisping immediately.  The beach was just beyond the pool, but the riptide was too strong to swim this time of year.  An infinity pool with a swim-up bar kept us from being too bitter, though.

Not Mexico, just a puppy picture to make you smile.  The weirded-out looking dog on the left is mine, Oreo.  Miniature Schnauzer weighing 14 pounds on a fat day.  The little Yorkie next to her, who was scaring the absolute bejeebers out of Oreo, is named Superchunk (the one that looks like a dust bunny with legs).  She breaks the Yorkie scale at about 4 lbs you see, and was headed to a weight camp for show dogs.  Apparently, they feed them green beans mixed with dog food – it’s like a supermodel diet for dogs, I’m told.  All bulk, no calories and then they just poop that weight right off.  All this to get down to her fighting weight of, maybe, 2.5-3 lbs.  Makes me think of that movie “First In Show”!  She was just adorable.

At one point, Superchunk zoomed directly under Oreo, causing her to leap straight up in the air and come down facing the other direction, looking highly indignant.

More to come later….. still sorting out bugs!