Greetings, sports fans!  Who wants to see and hear something besides me complaining?  Everybody!! Me included!!   So, I had a wonderful plan to post all these neat pictures from Mexico, captions and short stories about each one.  Had it all ready to go yesterday.  Does everyone know how blog-illiterate I am?  Well, you will soon.  I have somehow managed to block the ability to upload any sort of media at all.  No clue how.  I was so mad I could have eaten my keyboard.  Instead, I popped off the “Q” key (don’t know why that one – just made sense at the time), glared at it, stuck it back in place and went down for coffee.  I had to work instead of wander around on my blog (horrific, I know).   I’ve messed with it a bit today, but it’s still not working.  Aaagh.  I promise I went on vacation, but nobody knows it but me.   So, once WordPress manages to sort out my malfunction, I’ll post the evidence….

I really don’t need to be out here without a guide dog.