I feel like that lady in the movie Ghostbusters – when they finally get a phone call after sitting around with their thumbs up their butts, Annie Potts (the secretary) hits the button and shrieks “WE GOT ONE!!”

Found a donor.  One that’s living, cooperative (so far), and actually kinda looks like me (complete accident, that one).  I’m so at peace now I don’t know what to do with myself.  Let the shit hit the fan later (of course it will – have you guys met me?  Oh, wait……), but for today, I’m just pleased to have that bit settled.  NOW we can deal with all the other little bits that will blow up; at least there’s a process happening that is attempting to work in my favor.  And that, is a beautiful thing.

Vacation was amazing, pics are in the works and details are coming.  Just have too many racing thoughts to get through what I have to do, much less what I want to do.  We actually finalized the donor arrangements from my iPhone right before boarding the plane for the final leg of the trip to Mexico.  Vacation was that much more amazing for prying that big hairy sticky monkey off my back before it began.  Never thought it could possible work out that quickly.  I essentially found her in 2 days.  Just goes to show you, I should never plan anything.  Things seem to work out much better when I don’t.

Funny how that goes.

Hope everything is going well (or at least not crappily) for everyone else out there – I have some reading to catch up on this weekend…..