Y’all remember that phrase?  The one that goes “if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all”?  Well, I was going to post a new rant but I find I just don’t have the energy.  I wanted to post something, but I’m just feeling too poisonous.  I can’t even get enthused about going to Mexico for fuck’s sake.  We’ll be on the Pacific side, not the Atlantic side – we at least have a chance of missing most of Ike.  So, I’m just going to concentrate on the small victories (like actually finding a book I was looking for to take to the beach) and finally cleaning up the kitchen (enforced cooking ban since we’re leaving).  And I’m going to make a severe effort to leave all this emotional baggage in the driveway when we leave for the airport so I can at least enjoy.  my.  fucking.  vacation.