Back to basics, man. One day at a time. Next IVF cycle is never going to get here. My patience and my attention span are frighteningly short; pretty soon I’ll forget how to manage a complete sentence and how to get my Ipod off shuffle. I love music, but it’s gotta grab me by the throat lately – whole lot of shuffling going on around here.

Stupid thing I did this weekend: I dropped a knife in the kitchen. I was cutting up a lime for dinner and dropped the SOB. It managed to land point down in – wait for it – my pinkie toe. Yes, I was barefoot and playing with knives. I didn’t think this would be a problem since I’m not usually chopping things with my toes, but apparently it was a problem Saturday. On the upside, it was only a paring knife. On the downside, gravity being what it is, it fell at a bit of an angle and continued on it’s designated path, thus involving all my toes in the carnage. Each one was a bit less injured than the pinkie toe as you journeyed away from the point of impact, but they were all bleeding. A lot. Which is where the dogs came in. To help, of course. They were circling me like a couple of small fuzzy sharks. Yuck. Bottom line, nothing fell off, everything eventually stopped bleeding and there was very little pain after the initial shock. Not gonna be wearing anything but Birkenstocks for a while (not that I wear much else anyway).

Things I love right now: 1) Falafel. made it from scratch this weekend, and Oh. My. God. Yum…..

2) Wine. All of it. If this is #2, must mean I really, really like the falafel.

3) Rock Band. Holy shit, how theraputic is this? Absolutely love it. I’m HUGE in Reykjavic, you know. I have a jet. And the crowd goes wild….

Don’t love all the songs, but most of them are quite fun to play. Completely love the New Pornographers song “Electric Version” and Anarchy Club’s “Blood Doll” . I have released my inner metalhead, and it is good. Plus, you get to sing along with The Pretenders, Blondie and Garbage. How cool is that??

4) A sticker I saw on a priest’s fridge yesterday – “Sorry I missed church, I was busy practicing witchcraft and becoming a lesbian”.

So it goes…….