Did you SEE this??!?


Dear God.  This is unimaginable.  I think if I’m even more horrified by the fact that this happened in Canada.  If it can happen there, what chance do the rest of us have?  I heard a snippet of this story on NPR this morning and was just sure I heard the reporter incorrectly.  Horrific.  None of the other adjectives I can think of are sufficient.   I can’t even begin to fathom what the perp’s malfunction is.  I hope he wasn’t an escaped American citizen – now nobody will like us…..

 On a lighter note, my parents are coming to visit this weekend.  I’m pretty jazzed, they’re funny people.  Mom’s hearing is awful and she won’t wear a hearing aid.  My father’s hearing is fine – telephone conversations with them are hilarious – she just talks right over him and he gets irritated and hangs up.  She never even notices….

I used to smoke – quit quite a few years back, but when I still did I used to bum smokes from Mom (they’ve both smoked since God was a child) on occasion.  A Christmas or two ago, we’d gone home for family time and I was riding home with Mom from a restaurant.  Somehow it was only the two of us in the car, and I commented on how much I liked the butt warmers in her new car.  Just warms you all the way through.  She gave me an odd look and said,”Well, whatever – just brush your teeth when you get home”.  I laughed so hard I couldn’t even tell her what was so funny – the two of us together couldn’t understand how she came up with me asking to bum a cigarette out of the phrase “I like your butt warmers”.   Still can’t.  But now it’s gotten to be a “thing”, like lots of little moments do.  Those inside jokes that make life so rich…..the things that only people who are close to one another get.  Or not, in our case.  Every now and then, we’ll work it into conversation.  I’m going to pick up the pizza – just brush your teeth when you get home.  I’ve got a doctor’s appointment – be sure you brush your teeth when you get home etc.

That’s the good stuff, isn’t it?

Oh yeah, and the title is one of those jokes too – in trying to keep up with all the texting (makes me feel so old sometimes), I wanted to jazz it up a little and I couldn’t think of anything.  BBQ is just, you know, barbeque.  I do what I can.