Why, hello there. Howya doin’? It’s been a while. Don’t really have that much to write about, but I’ll see what comes spewing out…. I’ve tried a couple of times for witty, intelligent repartee, but it’s not working so I’ll stick to my typical Dragnet approach (y’know – just the facts).

We’re gearing up (mentally, anyway – everything else is moving like snot in January) for a second round of donor IVF. We found another donor (a local one this time – thank everything holy under the stars for that one). We weren’t able to do a shared cycle with another patient at my clinic because she said “Hell No”. I’m not really surprised; by this point it’s kind of every chick for herself, financially and otherwise. Egg donors (and other donors too, I’m sure) end up seeming like property. You have the equivalent of appraisals, the tire kicking and sometimes you have to do a test drive, if it’s their first time around the block. The thought of someone else eyeballing your donor must be nerve-wracking, if you don’t already have legal dibs. Kind of like when we saw the house we’re in now – I wanted to pee on it, until all the paperwork was in. Mine, mine, mine.

We hacked up the first payment of $OUCH.OMG, and now we sit on our butts and wait on the RPL blood work. It’s been 2 weeks, and I know that testing takes time, but I want it. Yesterday. I want it before yesterday.

I’m working on my patience, can you tell?

I’m assuming that the results are in and they have to plop it in front of Dr. RE for his two cents. I don’t have an official appointment with him until 8/11, but I can’t wait that long to get the results. I’m already working on my schtick in case they try to make me. I’ll just channel my inner 12-year old drama queen. Nobody wants to mess with that nonsense. Pitching a bitch, I can do. But ultimately, it’s not in your best interests to piss off the clinic staff, if you can help it. Losing your shit tends to land you in a situation where nobody will talk to you but the doctor, and we all know just how free they are with their time.

All this planning and thinking the situation through will just ensure that there is absolutely nothing wrong. That bastard Murphy…..

Here’s me releasing that which I cannot control (sort of).

I’ve done all the planning I can from my end, and I’ve found my Happy Place (for now).

Ready for shiny happy things for a while, thank you.

But pass the whiskey, please, just in case.