So, having a bit of a hard time concentrating lately. Is it obvious? My mind just ricochets everywhere, sometimes knocking other hard-won thoughts out of the way. I feel like my brain is melting. I have to think carefully before I begin to speak, or else it comes out mush. The transfer went well, 2 excellent embryos. Grade A. Pasteurized. I was also told that they are of such high quality that there’s a large chance they’ll both take up residence for the long haul, and this statement was accompanied by a steady searching look to make sure that I’d actually thought of that. I mean, give me a break. What, in case I’d actually stumbled into the wrong room in the surgery center? “I’m sorry, I thought this was plastic surgery – I’m just here for a butt lift.” Can we move this along, people? It’s a good thing the 2 we transferred were good, ’cause none of the others were good enough to freeze. So……….. well. There we are. Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket (couldn’t resist). Afterwards, when I was laying there with my butt above my head for 30 minutes I asked my boy if we shouldn’t maybe talk about this a bit more. He told me to shut up (affectionately, of course). Bed rest – not all it’s cracked up to be. I don’t do confinement very well, and waiting for food not at all. I’d be a horrible pet. Everyone was glad to get me up and out of the house. I don’t know if this means anything, but I have heartburn. I never have heartburn. The boy said it means that I have heartburn. Wow – he must have gone to school for a really long time. He’s just amazing……

I found a new thing to help with the PIO shots, if anyone’s interested (you all probably know this, I’m just the last dumbass to find the bandwagon) – ice the area first!! It does wonders. Ice it, do the shot thing, rub it around and heat the area for just a bit- that’s what it’s all about. No soreness AT ALL. Well, 25 gauge needles don’t hurt matters either.

And a funny for the road – while rolling through the grocery pre-bed rest, I’m pushing the cart and I’ve already lost my husband inside of 10 minutes. Never good. However, he comes jogging up looking pleased with himself and informs me that he thinks I should do a bit more looking around for eggs next time, they’re WAY cheaper here.