We now present, for your viewing pleasure, 13 donor eggs. Well, I haven’t actually seen them yet, but I know they’re there. They called and told me so, and I’ve trusted them in other rather major things, so I choose to believe them. It occurred to me to ask if I could come see them (the eggs – not the RE staff), but I didn’t want to seem over-anxious. I’ve got all week to work up to basket case; I should pace myself.

It was a bit funny – I guess the semen-analysis guy (it’s a guy at our RE’s office – maybe that’s supposed to help the guys relax and deliver. Nice touch, that) must have been on autopilot this morning. My honeybunny went to “deliver the package” and once accomplished, the sperm guy informed him that they’d get this form signing out of the way so he could get back downstairs and be with his wife (aka our anonymous donor). Kind of a “hmmmmmmm..” moment. Sort of reminds you that this is real and it’s happening, and it’s happening rather soon. I could never get anything worth harvesting, so we have no experience with retrieval day (here be dragons…….more on this topic later, I’m sure).

And I just have to share this – I’ve found a local friend who’s going through her own version of hell (aka infertility). I’ve only known her a short while, and we only began comparing notes within the last few months; so we’re in the funny story-swapping phase while slowly working into the painful-this-sucks-hairy-balls phase. Her husband, who is a bit of a OCD type, went in to deliver a sample. Whilst in “the room”, he was unable to even attempt a delivery until he had organized the porn in order of title and severity. I just dearly love the thought of him fussing over the …. stuff they have in there. I remember when my boy was still in school, there was a fertility lab where he worked that kept having to replenish their supply of porn – people kept stealing it. Ewwwwwwwwah.

Anyway, onward and upward. The skids have been greased – we’re on our way to……..something.